BEA 2014 has concluded. Thanks for visiting JR Comics booth and making it such a great show! We gave away 6,000 copies of volume one of Monkey King, Three Kingdoms, and Outlaws of the Marsh at BEA, and we hope many of them will find its way to the young adult audience.

Jamaal and Chantal visited JR Comics Booth during the 2014 Book Expo America and had a hectic time doing an interview with J R Han, publisher and president of JR Comics. Thank you so much for visiting us, Jamaal and Chantal!

Interview by Dennis Abrams of Publishing Perspectives, an online magazine of international book publishing news and opinion.

He introduced JR Comics as the publisher who "has won praise throughout Asia for converting the beloved Chinese stories into accessible and exciting graphic novels with illustrations by renowned Chinese artist Wei Dong Chen, an influential leader in the “New Chinese Cartoon” trend."

J R Han, publisher and president of JR Comics, said that by reading those graphic novels he was hoping that readers would become more and more interested in and embrace Chinese culture.

Korea’s JR Comics Debuts Chinese Graphic Novels in US
by Dennis Abrams, Publishing Perspectives

Not surprisingly, JR Comics was one of the 18 comics and graphic novels publishers that Hannah Means Shannon, Editor-in-chief at Bleeding Cool, showed keen interests in during the 2014 BEA.

She says that her favorite of all the JR Comics graphic novels is Adventures from China: Monkey King, and according to her, Wei Dong Chen's Monkey King is the most “all ages” of their all ages books. She also added that the artwork [of Monkey King] is very compelling and the stories are not just interesting, but also magical.

The Eighteen Comics And Graphic Novels of Book Expo America - The Weight of Glory
by Hannah Means Shannon, Editor-in-chief at Bleeding Cool


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Media Influencer Quotes

Three Kingdoms is an historical drama of epic proportions; a graphic novel series with elegant colors, beautiful art, and impressive storytelling to match.”
-- J. Torres (Writer Alison Dare, Bigfoot Boy, Teen Titans Go!)

The Legends From China Three Kingdoms series is a wonderful re-creation a famous classic novel in Chinese literature! The graphic novel format allows students to analyze how artistic and communicative ideas contribute to the meaning, tone, and beauty of the text. The story combines World History, legend and myth-stimulating questioning, wonder and exploration. The structure of the books are educational and supported by many features that will allow students to read closely and make deep connections Including; character descriptions, summaries and theme discussions. Great job!”
-- Marla Conn, MS Ed.


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